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Catalog Builder

The Catalog Builder screen consists of 4 tabs:

  • Main - code, name and course descriptions.
  • Benefits, Materials, etc. - course benefits, audience, materials, features, and text book.
  • Contact Info - contact person information including name, address, phone, fax, web site.  
  • Prerequisites - set up prerequisite and related courses.  
  • Other - Instructor Expenses, Bio/Credentials, Proposed location, date and time.

Mouse over field for Field Name--Click for more Field Information


The following fields appear on the Main tab:  

Code – ten digit code assigned to course description.

Kind – one digit field to enter a type for the catalog record.  The system uses this field to determine which records to display when you select a menu item from Module > Catalog.  The 5 possible Kind entries are:  

  • Blank - Catalog description
  • C - Credit type
  • E - Email template
  • L - Letter/memo body
  • P - Course proposal

Subject Code - subject code for the catalog entry.  For instance, if the description pertains to a computer course, enter COMP.

Name – catalog record name.  For example, if it is a course/workshop description, this would be the name of the course/workshop.  If it is a letter body, it would be a brief description of what the letter body’s use (i.e. Confirmation Letter Body).

Description (Main) – course description field that holds plain text (special formatting cannot be applied to text i.e. bold, underline, etc.) up to 64,000 characters in length.  You may include paragraphs of information.

Description (Secondary/Alternative) ACEweb Users Only – this field is designed to hold your course description with html formatting for display on the web (e.g. html tags to format description into paragraphs).



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