Alternate ACEweb Interfaces

The Alternate Interface option allows you to create/promote a unique "brand" or website design (with its own set of html templates, css styles, and preferences) for a specific course group listing and/or Student Manager database.

Examples of how you could use an Alternate Interface: 

  • Use one for a group of courses you offer on 'contract' to a specific firm, using the firm's website design for the course display/registration routines. This will provide a 'seamless' transition for the firm employees between the firm's website and your ACEweb installation where they will go to register for the courses.
  • If your organization runs 2 Student Manager databases, you can use a separate interface for each database. Each interface can have its own web 'look' and web preferences.



You can purchase and run up to 9 alternate interfaces with one install of ACEweb. Contact your ACEware technician for Alternate Interface module pricing/installation instructions.

The Alternate Interface option does NOT support alternate web site domains (e.g.,, etc. ). Each interface must run under the web site domain set in the ACEwebURL INI setting in aceweb.ini.


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