ACEweb Quick Pick Module

The Quick Pick Registration Module is an optional module for ACEweb that simplifies the registration process for your customers and speeds up those high volume registration periods. The module will organize your courses by assigned grouping codes and will display all courses on a single web page. Your customers select one or many courses then advance to the check out process.

Features include:

  • Support for course Main and *Optional fees
  • Support for Membership programs
  • Courses organized based on identified grouping code(s)
  • Supports Waitlisting
  • Essential course information displayed with the course description in a pop-up when customer hovers over the title
  • Checkout pages allow customers to toggle between their cart and registration page to make purchase revisions
  • Templates allow customized wording and styling (requires advanced template editing skills)
  • Supports Proxy Registration


The Quick Pick Module does NOT support these ACEweb features:

  • *Coupon discounts are only supported on the Membership course. No Coupon support for other courses.
  • No Package courses
  • No BOGO
  • No Workshops
  • No Supplemental Data Capture pages


You can see a demonstration of the Quick Pick Module on the ACEweb Demo. Quick Pick module pricing is listed on the ACEware Pricing page.

For more information about the Quick Pick Module, please contact your ACEware technician.


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