(Prices effective December 2018)

Listed purchase prices are one-time costs. You receive a perpetual license which allows you to have an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - if you're not satisfied with the purchase of your software package in the first six months of installation, you will be provided with a refund of 110% of your purchase price.

*The ACEwebRWD Extreme Makeover service does NOT include design or content creation. You must provide all design elements (headers/footers/navigation), graphics, javascript, flash files, and custom [web] programming you want to use on your ACEweb site.

While there are NO annual required use/lease fees for Student Manager, we do offer a valuable Support and Maintenance Agreement plan (SMA). The SMA is optional for customers.

SMA annual fees are calculated at 16% of the retail cost of your total ACEware purchase (e.g. for the Student Manager package, the SMA would be $5,199.00).

(Travel, lodging, and per diem are in addition to these fees)