(Prices effective July 2016)

Listed purchase prices are one-time costs. You receive a perpetual license which allows you to have an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Includes the Student Manager Administrative Interface, the ACEweb Online Portal, the Payment Service Interface, and an ACEwebRWD Extreme Makeover $32,495.00
SQL Database Upgrade $3,750.00

Satisfaction Guaranteed - if you’re not satisfied with the purchase of your software package in the first six months of installation, you will be provided with a refund of 110% of your purchase price.

ACEweb Calendar Course Display module $1,695.00
Alternative ACEweb Interface (price is for each interface purchased) $3,750.00
Attendance Tracking Module $1,695.00
Course Packaging ('Bundling' Registrations)

Also includes the BOGO module (allows you to offer discounts such as Buy one get one free)

ACEweb Quick Pick module $3,500.00
ACEweb Term Fee Module

Charge a fee the first time an individual enrolls in a course for a given term/semester.

Report Wizard $1,695.00

ACEware Hosting Services

Remote server solultion to meet your needs

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*ACEwebRWD Update

For sites that have previously purchased an Extreme Makeover and are updating to responsive design

*ACEwebRWD Extreme Makeover

For sites that have not previously purchased an Extreme Makeover


*The ACEwebRWD Extreme Makeover service does NOT include design or content creation. You must provide all design elements (headers/footers/navigation), graphics, javascript, flash files, and custom [web] programming you want to use on your ACEweb site.

While there are NO annual required use/lease fees for Student Manager, we do offer a valuable Support and Maintenance Agreement plan (SMA). The SMA is optional for customers.

SMA annual fees are calculated at 16% of the retail cost of your total ACEware purchase (e.g. for the Student Manager package, the SMA would be $5,199.00).

(Travel, lodging, and per diem are in addition to these fees)

Public Training: 2 days $695.00
Internet-based Training: 2 hours minimum $150.00 per hour
Private Training: 2 days on-site training or set-up $2,500.00