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Feature Description Standard Optional
Unlimited Users/Unlimited Roles Create unlimited administrative user accounts. Create customized user profiles(get granular control over permissions for each user group). No per-user licensing.
Customizable Screens and Behavior Every main data form can be customized to record the data you want and need.
User-Defined Fields Custom define over 100 different data fields to collect data specific to your programs.
User Level Preferences Get complete control over your data with our preference dashboard. Each user can set up their own preferences for screen layout and system behavior.
Responsive Web Design (RWD) Mobile friendly web pages. Students can browse and register for courses from any mobile device.
Integrated Email Support Send registration confirmations, course reminders, follow-up emails, emergency notifications, faculty contracts, mass (broadcast) emails, "Merge-Mail" emails and more.
Integral SMS Texting Fully integrates with Twilio to allow you to send text messages (last minute class notes, emergency notifications) to your students.
Targeted Marketing Tools to pinpoint select groups that would be interested in your programs.
Geospatial Marketing Map customer/prospect locations, and use proximity tools to only send promotions to people in a specific geographic area.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Provides integrated tools and systems to better target potential customers and serve existing customers.
Integrated Reporting System Over 300 pre-designed reports built for Continuing Education and Workforce Training programs. The integrated report writer allows you to modify each and every system report.
Statistical Reporting Analyze program and marketing data to make strategic decisions. Identify top income generating courses, study program growth trends, recognize popular instructors, discover your best promotional investments and more.
Data Export Tools You have options! It's YOUR data, you should be able to get it out of the system in whatever way you want. Output your data in Excel, PDF, RTF or text formats.
Dashboard Reporting Provides quick updates of critical program information such as courses with low enrollments or those approaching maximum capacity. Offers a quick view of program performance including a current and previous enrollment comparison and enrollment trends (to date, by week, by month, by quarter, etc.)
Quick Reports Run two-click reports for students, courses and registrations. Batch reports exist within a course providing eight useful reports (rosters, sign-in sheets, name tags, certificates, balance due, instructor contract, class detail) in a single print run.
Favorite Reports Each user can identify up to ten frequently used reports to save as personal favorites to run directly from their desktop.
Customized Web Portal Flexibility to create and modify the student web experience to meet your standards.
Secure Payment Processing PCI Compliant credit card processing, with plug and play support for all major Payment Service Partners including TouchNET, CashNET, Authorize.net and PayPal.
Waitlist Support Providing the option to allow wait lists for web enrollments on a class-by- class basis. Approved staff have the ability to override and over book classes.
Coupon Discounts Set up coupon discount codes on a class-by-class basis or on a term basis. Limit the number of times a coupon can be used, or set up single use coupons.
Collect Donations Invite students to add a donations with each course or navigate to a special donations section.
Flexible Membership Plans Offer memberships (fee-based or free) that offer members discounts on courses or restrict registration to members only. The membership module also supports multiple membership levels and family memberships (works well for OLLI programs).
Manage Certificate Programs Powerful tool set to support the presentation of courses and the tracking of student progress for certificate programs. Supports programs in which a student must complete a set number of courses, CEUs, or hours in order to earn a certificate.
Multiple Web Publishing options Eight unique course and payment display options available. Choose how you need courses displayed (or not displayed) to your students.
Build Course Schedules FAST Unique cloning or "carry forward" features allow quick and efficient re-scheduling of individual courses or even mass reschedule a full term of courses at one time!
Unlimited Course Fees You have unlimited registration, mandatory and optional fees. System support for auto expiring early bird fees, special group discounts and special discount coupons.
Course Comments Store critical course information for staff and students. You can build course notes to print on registration confirmations, log internal comments for staff members, and create pop up warning messages.
Manage Course Status Activate courses when registration is live. Deactivate courses when the enrollment period is over so courses will no longer show in the regular registration routines. Lock courses when the accounting year is over so no changes can be made.
Course Prerequisites Specify and respect course prerequisites
Promote Related Courses Cross sell programs by highlighting related courses during the check out process.
Easy Instructor Assignment Assign any number of instructors to a course and define (on an instructor by instructor basis) pay information (e.g. per hour, per student, percentage of income, flat fee, etc.).
Budget Builder Build budgets for courses. Input fees and estimated expenses. The system will give you your go/no go, break even, and profit/loss amounts based on various registration levels.
Catalog Builder Enter descriptions for use in generating program brochures and term catalogs.
Faculty Manager Conveniently manage all your instructor information. Track unique skills and credentials, store contact information, evaluation notes, preferred payment method, bio, photos and more.
Track Program Expenses Use the built in "Pocket Ledger" to record income and expenses and quickly generate profit/loss reports.
Workshop Tracking Support for conference pre and post optional events, track participation in concurrent sessions within an event, set size limits and optional fees for workshops.
Duplicate Name Protection Safety checks are provided to help avoid duplicate names. Simple tools are included to merge name records and a mass merge/purge routine helps you keep your database clean.
City/County/State/Country Automatic Entry Automatic fill in of city, county, state, and country when you enter a zip code (With ability to override and accommodate international postal codes).
Support for International Registrants Offers options to support your international students, County Field, non standard Address, Manual entry of postal codes).
Qualified Fee Rate Assign a special fee rate (Staff Rate, Student Rate, Senior Citizen rate) to a individual's record. Will automatically pick the discount fee they are eligible for.
Name Comments Store notes and comments for an individual including internal comments, contact log and special needs. Entries in the Special Needs field will pop-up whenever the Name record is accessed.
Link Documents to Names Attach reference documents to name records (e.g. vitae, transcript copy, photo, etc.).
Clone Name Records Quickly add additional family members or company employees with the unique Clone Demographic Data feature.
Credential Tracking Powerful and flexible tools to store and report external credentials such as classes an individual has taken from other providers, employment history, license data, etc.
Firm Tracking Manage your company information such as Federal ID, billing information, purchasing history, firm type, number of employees, employee enrollments and more.
Callback System Set staff reminders to contact students, firm representatives and instructors on a specific date. This is part of the CRM tool set.
Emergency Notification System Special procedure to email (or text) students when you have a campus emergency or weather related closure. The system only sends the notice to students with classes meeting on that date.
Marketing ROI Track and evaluate success of your marketing campaigns. Special reports to help you identify what promotions are working for you.
Recommended Courses Generate an upcoming courses list based on student interests for display online or including in emails. Identify related courses for online display when students are viewing individual course information pages.
Registration Codes Track how an individual heard of the course, their status (e.g. registrant, speaker, etc.), payer (firm, individual, or other), and more.
Group Registrations Group registrations together and make one payment that is distributed to all members in the group with same payment details and receipt number assigned.
Simple Registration Transfer Transfer Wizard helps you easily transfer a registration to another person, or the person to another course.
"Speed" Registration Option Allows mass entry of large groups quickly and easily. Automatically register an Excel List of students.
Mass Registration Option Enroll all registrants from one course into another, or transfer all registrants from one course to another.
Third Party Billing and A/R Produce invoices, post payments to invoices, run aging reports, roll-up multiple invoices to a single invoice. Pay multiple outstanding invoices with a single payment.
Contract Training Support Providing tools such as private web access, speed entry, import wizard, company invoicing, and alternate interfaces.
"Billing Only" Registrations Facilitates third-party billing for contract training courses - the contracting firm will be assessed all fees instead of having to parse out fees per student. Also supports student direct billing.
Standard and User Defined Payment Types Standard payment types include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Purchase Order etc. User defined types are available to customize for your unique needs e.g. gift card, scholarship, etc.
Billing Payment Plans Spread out the billings for a registration over a period of months with the Payment Plan option.
Transfer Payments Transfer payments without transferring the registration, e.g. transfer an over-payment to another person's registration.
Refund Wizard Tool to simplify the process of student refunds and credits, including full and partial refunds and credit to student account.
Document Upload Collect required documents (such as waivers and photo releases) at the time of registration.
Escrow System Allow students and firms the option to hold funds on account for future use. Students can use credit balances during the online registration process.
Archive Data Archive old/inactive course records with associated registrations and payments, yet have instant access to the historical data for reference and reporting (view courses taken, print transcripts).
Data Cleanup Tools Integrated tools to report and combine duplicate records, clean up codes, import and export data, CASS certification, and more.
Course Publishing Options The organization of courses is determined by you. Publish courses online by group, by location, by instructor, by date, and more. Set date you want courses to be published online during course setup.
Course Search Options Students can choose a (I'm feeling Lucky) 2uick keyword search or use an advanced search panel (dates, location, day of week, instructor, etc. etc.).
Promoted Unscheduled Courses Publish and capture student interest in unscheduled courses (Course is in your "inventory" but not currently scheduled).
Online Student Access Students are able to add and edit their accounts, register for courses, view their registration history, add and remove themselves from mailing lists, pay outstanding balances and invoices, upload documents, and self-print certificates, transcripts, and receipts.
Special One and Done Checkout For programs that are one of a kind, create a special one page register/checkout form that collects everything needed to register for that course in one form.
Online Student Logon Options Choose the logon credentials individuals must use to access their accounts. E.g. email address + password, ID only, etc. You can also allow multiple accounts to use same email address, e.g. family email address.
Online Social Media Tools Allow students to share course information via email, Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.
Online - Register Others Individuals can easily register others in courses and pay in one transaction. E.g. Parents can register children or firm representatives can register employees.
Online - Supplemental Course Data Collect course specific additional data when individuals register in that course, e.g. t-shirt size, meal preference, etc.
Online - One-Time Coupons Set up a coupon that individuals can only use once per term.
Deposit Support Allow individuals to pay a deposit on a course and be billed for the remaining amount.
Online Instructor Access Permit instructors access to view courses they are teaching, view rosters for the courses, and enter grades and hours.
Online - Instructor Course Proposals Allow instructors to submit course proposals online. The proposal is saved into the system. Staff can approve the proposal and add it to the active catalog list.
Online - Suggest Course Feature Allow students to submit suggestions for courses. Suggestions are emailed to staff.
Online - Student self-print certificates and transcripts When enabled, students can print certificates and transcripts from their online profile.
Support for OLLI Programs Special tools like the integrated membership feature and the Quick Pick Registration Module are perfect for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute programs.
Enrollment Cart Logging Track when registrants add, purchase, or abandon courses on their enrollment carts plus tools to help you follow up with students.
Hybrid Course Support Allows you to separately track in-person and online attendees for the same course.
Customization We are able to work with you to create customized routines to meet your unique needs.
Online Course Calendar Publish courses in a monthly calendar. Features a unique staff view with color coded start and end dates.
Partner Enrollment Package Allows your registrations the ability to identify a partner during the registration process and offer a discounted fee for the additional registration. A great way to market your courses and fill those seats!
Quick Pick Registration Display a selection of courses in a list format on a single web page. This allows students to select all the courses they want, then move directly to checkout (Great for OLLI programs).
Course Packaging Set up 'bundles' of courses and offer discounts when individuals register in the package.
BOGO Special Offers Supports discounts on groups of courses such as buy one from the group, get one free. The terms for the discount as set by you.
Attendance Tracking Record daily attendance, track hours present, the reason for non-attendance, and the session grade. Instructors can also edit information online.
Term Fee Support Allows the assessment of a term fee the first time an individual enrolls in a course for that term.
Multiple Web Storefronts Our unique Alternate Interface option allows you to have multiple storefronts that all flow to one database. This allows you to differentiate your web pages based on your target market (e.g., one storefront for business/industry and a separate one for community education and youth programs).
Support and Maintenance Agreement – 24/7 Support ACEware provides numerous support options including an up-to-date on line help guide, a monthly webinar series, an annual conference, and live, personal, knowledgeable technical support.