ACEweb 4.0.060 Released

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ACEweb 4.0.060 Released

Postby Jason » Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:12 pm

This build has updated templates and framework pages! Please be sure to follow the update instructions, and don't forget to BACKUP! You should only use the if you are updating from build .58 or .59, anything lower and you should use the!

This update has some table structure changes which REQUIRES that you are running Student Manager .089 or later!


Patch #1 - 7/27/2020. Fixes a bug in the ELAVON pay module that was generating an Invalid Session ID error after a payment was completed.

Patch #2 - 7/29/2020. Fixes a bug in the Escrow routine that would throw an error if the EncryptCC INI entry was set to 1 or 4.

New Features:

    AW STORM Receipts

    The AW STORM (Student Online Reporting Module) now supports student receipts!
    Students can generate receipts online by clicking the "print" button on their profile page under My History > Payment Status.

    AW STORM Transcripts

    We've also expanded the STORM module to include your archived registrations when viewing/downloading transcripts!

    Escrow Payments

    ACEweb can now be configured to use a student’s escrow balance to pay for their registrations.
    The EscrowPayments INI setting can be set to one of 3 modes to control if and how escrow is used:

    0: Escrow is disabled (students can still see the balance but must call the office)
    1: Escrow is enabled if it will completely cover the cost of all courses in the cart
    2: Escrow can be used to partially pay for a course
    There is also an EscrowCutoff setting which can be used to require that escrow balances be used within a specified time period.

    Unlimited UDFs

    We've enhanced support of UUDFS on Supplemental Data Capture, profiles/signup pages, and Express Registration templates.
    A new ACEweb function called GETUUDF() can be used to display UUDFs in other areas (e.g. XcourseStatus.htm, ECTable.htm, registration confirmation templates).

    Course Publish Date

    You can now specify a date for your ACEweb Publish Properties to go into effect. Once the target date has been reached, the course
    will automatically publish to the desired setting.

    Expiration Date on Optional Fees

    You can now set additional/optional fees and coupons to expire, much like early bird main fees.

    Attachment Upload Enhancements

    Improved handling of duplicate uploads, automatic date/time stamps, option to store course codes and validation flags, and the ability to restrict the types of files that can be uploaded.

    Elavon API

    New payment gateway module allows customers to process payments using the Elavon/Converge API. (The classic Elavon module is also still supported.)

    Interface Manager : HTML Templates

    The responsive-tabs CSS file has been added to the scope of the GUI Manager tool. Tab colors can now be updated using the tool,
    assuming the CSS text has been updated with the special /* Cxx tags.

    Cleanup Options

    We made some changes to the option to trigger periodic cleanups of outdated files/records based on the CLEANUP.INI file in the main Aceweb folder:
    • By default, cleanup operations will no longer be performed on the wwRequestlog and wwSession tables as these operations caused issues on some systems.
    • Any .temporary report files left in the main Aceweb folder by the STORM module will be removed.
    • All files will be removed from the temp subdirectories of alternate interface template folders. (This was already done for the main template folder.)
    • The Cleanup routine can now be invoked directly from the AWAdmin page. Selecting the Basic System Cleanup option under Clean up System Files will bring up a dialog to launch the process.
    • To disable auto cleanup, but allow the manual option, rename Cleanup.ini to CleanupX.ini.


    UDF records were not saving correctly when used in combination with Unlimited UDFS on Express Registration pages.

    Unlimited UDF records not being updated under certain conditions on Profile, Data Capture and Express Registration pages.

    Required Fields ini settings could trigger errors if they included UDF or non native names table fields.

    Cancelling a payment on the Gateway site would produce an Error message when returning to ACEweb, particularly when using the SQL version.

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