Student Manager 8.0.082 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.082 Released

Postby matthew » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:20 am

Bugs fixed:
On Mass/Change/Archive, if you try to Unarchive when NO archive exists, you get a ton of errors.

Archiving if you have the course packaging module and hit error. Ignore will continue, but lose packages.

If you have multiple invoices on one registration (payment plan) and you attempt to pay them through Pay Multiple Outstanding, only one gets paid off.

In SQL Server and doing an F2 search by location with building room split, if you select a building with rooms, they don't come up.

In SQL Server if you do the mass change/update/delete/archive to manipulate (add or delete) a fee with an apostrophe in it, you get an error.

Run a report from Reports -> Registrations -> Nametags and you get an error.

feetots function does not show the right fee totals when you have someone paying a different amount than what is on the Course Fee listing.

New features:
Mark a parent course registration as a billing only and it marks all of the children courses as well.

Added nmfirm to the new Export Roster (from Course Quick Reports).
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