Student Manager 8.0.099 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.099 Released

Postby matthew » Mon May 03, 2021 9:31 am

Bugs fixed:
Anytime an enrollment change is made to a course, whether current or past, that instructor gets an email. Even if all you are doing is canceling a registration.

## email template in the merge mail routine displays fine, but you get errors when sending.

Name Import Wizard throws an error for some users, "OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file..."

With the Zip Code Pop-up preference enabled, only changing the zip on a name doesn't necessarily saves it.

Course import wizard with an INID or INSTID doesn't link to the instructor.

MergeMails are missing the body of the message.

On Native Format MergeMails using the Use my Email Signature option, you get an error.

Transcript Style MergeMails only sends one course.

In the Address Cleanup with the Propercase Names option, you get an error.

When importing courses with colocprtin as a field, you get an error.

If you run getsqlcount with an "into cursor" clause in your SQL statement, it doesn't return a proper count.

Running a report out of Name Rosters while in archive mode, doesn't yield any results.

Archiving you get an error, "Variable 'RGPARTNER' is not found."

New features:
The pay outstanding link also shows any proxy registrations to the list.

Added a search to pay grabber for payments applied to an invoice number.

Added a preview of the email before sending Link to Pay Outstanding.

Email Link to Pay Outstanding are now logged to CRM.

Tools -> Financial -> Escrow Cleanup to mass delete registrations from ESCROW that do not have any money.
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