Student Manager 8.0.093 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.093 Released

Postby matthew » Tue Nov 03, 2020 9:01 am

Bugs fixed:
When clicking on the Preview Email on an Email template, get an error.

Namer function intermittently throwing an error on the Record Attendance screen.

Whazzis is throwing an error when passing a logical parameter.

Partial refunds with multiple payments are refunding more than they should.

Sorting registrations by Last Only, Last-First, or Firm when getting to the registration from the course doesn't load a record.

If you put a line break in the body of an email template, it is not being removed. This causes an error in running the template.

If the indxmast file is in use when doing a payment, the pysubid assigned to the record (after ignoring through a slew of errors) is all 0s. Over time as this continues to happen, you'll have records that are unreachable (since they have duplicate pysubids).

When looking up outstanding invoices in SQL Server, you get more than just the outstanding ones. Pulling up one that is paid off goes to a screen with all payments in the system not assigned to an invoice grouped together and shows the first of those.

findinst with 99 as second parameter and lower case 3rd parameter pulls in name and address.

New features:
Added a preference to keep the invoice number when doing the refund wizard.

Added more location fields to email receipt cursors (mass receipt, print receipt, and email receipt) so you don't have to use addloc() function.

In Course/Quick Reports/Send roster to instructor, added the student ID (NMID) as a choice.

Added catalog to the course import routine to bring in descriptions from there.

Added cell phone to the Student List from a Course.

Added Print Receipt option after doing a Multiple Invoice Payment screen.

Added a function that reports # of weeks a course meets: numweeks(cobegdate,coenddate).
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