Student Manager 8.0.091 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.091 Released

Postby matthew » Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:31 am

Bugs fixed:
If you have in your Email Settings Always send a copy to this address, emailed receipts were always going to whoever is the sender.

The Fee Expire Date (on Additional Fee) either will not save if the course doesn't have a begin date. (Added a warning the user.)

If you have a main fee and an optional fee on a membership course with the same name, you may get a warning that there are no membership expirations set on a course.

If you are adding a main fee in Mass Change/Update/Delete/Archive in SQL Server, you get an error.

Solved some Refund Wizard and Course Cancel Wizard inefficiencies. Also, when they void billings, if there is a group being invoiced and multiple payments on the registration being refunded, not all of the payments get the paid to invoice removed, leaving extra money paid on the invoice that isn't really paid. Also, canceling a membership may not set the end date of the membership for the student if the membership code on the fee is different than the catalog code.

Doing a credential report and querying by something empty or not empty, you get an error in SQL Server.

Changing a course code to the beginning of another and then changing it again will strip all grouping, fees, etc. from that other course and put it into the current one in VFP.

If you go to a course or a name with only one registration and do the edit registration, the back and forward arrows can get you to a blankish record.

You can enter apostrophes in the instructor ID # field, causing all sorts of errors.

If you don't enter in a new report area in the Report Rename utility, reports disappear.

New features:
Wait x seconds between n messages settings applied to mass emailing certificates (and faculty contracts and invoices).

Create a system preference to Disable Room use creation for Membership and Online courses for people that put in dates for these courses. Have the End Date calculation not include holidays.

Mass clone option to exclude cancelled courses. Also show cancelled, enrolled, and min of previous course in the preview to help in deciding if the course is worth offering again.

Added course publish date field to the add/update/change/delete tool.

Added a mechanism to charge a returned check fee and/or late charge for Bad Checks (preferences). Also, voids the payment associated with the bad check.

Added the callback memo (callnotes) to the call back printout.

On the instructor Screen>Courses Taught, added the ability to sort on a column (i.e. Begins date can be ordered by ascending order when you click on the column header).

F2 key: Added Multiple DOW choices (checkboxes) instead of the drop down.

From Course Record, added to Quick Reports to Send an Email to all those enrolled in a course prior the ability to copy the PROXY's attached to a course registration.

Added CODOW field to the cursor for Registration/Receipts (MRECEIPT). Also, added all the fields missing from regular receipts.

Added the option to Mass Email for the Also send a copy to the following person(s) like from course > quick reports > send quick email to class so it only sends to those people once (as apposed to the CC field firing on every single email).

On Firm Lookup, widened the FIRM TITLE column.

When changing the firm on the name record and you have the Save as Home Address setting, added a prompt for overwriting the existing address.
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