Student Manager 8.0.090 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.090 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:54 am

New features:
There is now a question when you change a Course Type to Online with Cobegdate/Coenddate/Times filled out it to ask if you want clear those fields.

Show the current F2 active search filter (view only, no edit ability) on a user's COURSE PREFERENCES screen. As a sys admin, one could quickly jump to a user's preferences and check to see if a user has a funky F2 saved for when they complain, "Hey I cant find xx course". ALSO it would let a admin see if a user does NOT have f2 set, and they REALLY should!

On Turbo Mode for Deadbeat, added COHOURS and COCEUS to the cursor.

Membership Retention Reports export into XLSX so that the the listing of memberships can be shown.

Function added to show instructor conflicts. instconf(inid,cocrse)

Preference added to write the grade from the parent course into all children courses on a package 1 course.

On F4 key: 1) Force "Extra Data Field" entries to UPPERCASE 2) On the DblClick of NMID (on the results display) have it open NAME record not Registration

Bugs fixed:
If you are adding a course or locking an existing course, the skip arrows take you to a blank record after doing a lookup active to get to a course.

Cloning a course with an apostrophe in the instructor pay note, throws an error.

If you set a Fee Description to Create or Delete on Mass Change/Update/Delete/Archive and then try to change the Fee Description, you get an error and the dropdown vanishes from the form.

When you have a payment plan and you go to pay one of the billings, the system warns you that you aren't paying the full amount of the registration, which is understood since you are paying the one portion of the payment plan.

If you modify a report in Course Statistics, Data Summary and you have the recycle report area turned on, the report doesn't save.

Unable to open course links or payment gateway with Edge set as the preferred browser.

Running a Firm (w/employees) report in SQL Server throws an error.

Running a Firm (w/ no names) report in SQL Server throws an error.

If you have in your Email Settings Always send a copy to this address, emailed receipts were always going to whoever is the sender.
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