Student Manager 8.0.089 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.089 Released

Postby matthew » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:22 am

Bugs fixed:
If you have people with unlimited UDFs already, then you add a field and try to use an addxxunl function to the field without the person having it, you get an error.

When mailing a roster to instructors (and a few other areas), you get an error with some email servers.

Additional Documents with UNC paths will not be deleted even though it is removed from the view. (Reopen the screen and its back.)

Queries against a single date in SQL Server, throw an error.

In SQL Server, Make new student option on the Add Student Link from the Instructor screen throws an error.

On the report of Dup Names, the count of dup pairs only goes to 999, so over 1K duplicates doesn't show numbers.

When on an instructor record, if you look at their courses taught, day abbreviations are being truncated—but not always. Thursday looks like Tuesday, and Sunday just has an S rather than Su. Plus, it isn’t always truncated the same way.

Setting a preferred browser to EDGE and on shut down and log back into SM, it's set back to IEAUTO.

If changing the fee category on the firm screen when launched from the name screen, it doesn't save.

Adding a firm membership is pulling from courses and not the new way of codes. Throws an error if you don't have a membership course.

Stat Report - Name Demographics, in "counting" registrations, ignores "seats". Needs to have RGNUMB added to cursor and modify report to use RGNUMB.

Mass Transfer you get and error in SQL Server with registrations with long regnotes already in place, "String or binary data would be truncated."

New goodies:
Added Student Special Needs as option in new "Instructor Email Roster" from Course Quick Report.

On Email Template/Catalog, put autosave on Preview button.

Link to ACEweb Staff Calendar from the Room Use area so staff can see a visual of what rooms are being used and when.

Twilio SMS messaging has been overhauled. It is now more secure. Get with your technician to get the latest DLLs for this to work.

New function to search namedocs and report out on them. showdocs(nmid) would be an example. See updated help for more information.

In tools >> import/export >> registration import, set the routine to not stop you every time there’s a duplicate. It is now being logged to importregdups.log.

Added date/time stamp into namedocs. Added a course field to namedocs as well to tie to a course (allowed setting from namedocs, but automatically set from register). Add a flag to validate and make sure it is present and set from the course (so launch the document from a subscreen and launch email a student when it isn't valid). Can add document from registration screen. Show count of documents on the button.

Added RegFee Description to the fields on New instructor roster (from Course Quick Reports).

Put the user defined search on the form in Combine Names to avoid confusion about where to put the search string. Right now, it looks like the search string should go in the custom condition box.

On Ctrl+T, you can now choose whose emails are included (waitlisted, canceled, neither, or both).

Allow mass assignment of Coupon Discount expiration date from Module/Course/Mass change fees/active/etc). Also added for main fees.

Added don't mail and don't email to the Exported Fields in Course Quick Reports "Export Roster".

Added option to include DUE and PAID as columns to F4 Registration Finder.

Enrolling in class w/ Fee Limits. SM Staff can change fee back to fee limited one. Added a warning message if going over the fee max.

Added (W/Refund Option) to "Cancel Course" on Menu. On the Class Level Refund option, added Refund to Escrow option.
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