Student Manager 8.0.087 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.087 Released

Postby matthew » Mon May 04, 2020 3:34 pm

Bugs fixed:
If you have an appostrophe in the name of the firm, the firm combine tool throws a bunch of errors.

If you click the find on the registration screen, the skip record arrows aren't graying and ungraying like they should.

When running a Statistics -> Course -> Course Data Summary report in SQL Server, you get an error.

Delete out workshop individual records when canceling a course.

Entering an email 2 on a firm throws an error.

New features:
Automatically issue refunds through PayPal from the Course Cancelation wizard on credit cards. (Only works on PayPal transactions.)

Add Registration Add Time to the Register Find screens (from course and name). This has the benefit of making the sort the same as the arrows on the Registration screen.

Allow firm fields to be additional fields on Show Enrollment F2.

Have the catch-all fix broken course/location links (blank colocid). This stems from an issue where some courses weren't reporting and it was due to this link being broken. Not sure how or why they broke in the first place, but this will fix any that come up.
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