Student Manager 8.0.086 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.086 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:39 am

Bugs fixed:
If you have the # Days (Early Bird Fees Expire) set in codes and you choose that fee, the number/date isn't populated automatically for that fee.

Html version of Email Roster to Instructor with Waitlisted students, the word "WAITLISTED" is generating outside of the html causing it to show on the wrong line.

Trying to process refunds with the refund wizard in SQL Server and you get an error.

F5 key Find Them tool throws an error.

Running an aging invoice report against archived does not bring in the course information (all blank).

If you edit a zip code and try to save, get an error.

Mass Receipt and checking Log to CRM results in stuff not being written to the right ID. In SQL Server, you get an error. No error in VFP, but record is not on individual's screen.

Emergency emails throw an error with SQL Server.

Attempting to delete a course with canceled registrations will let you do it, orphaning the reggies (and any payments associated with them).

Membership retention reporting (F10) is still pulling the membership code from the course instead of codes.

F5 Find Them tool, if you use Credential, throws an error.

Reports -> Courses -> Income Summary calculates the due column incorrectly in SQL Server. It includes waitlisted amounts.

Module>course>cancel course> set my course and canceled and got to the class level refund. Clicking the second option for the Total paid minus a fixed amount and the message just shows, ".F.".

New features:
Added workshop dedup and orphan deletion to the Catch-all.

Added LOCRMID to LOCATION FIND window view.

You are now able to search nmcode2 from the F5 Find Them (Person Locator) for full or partial socials even with encryption on a begins with basis.

ON the instructor Screen, Courses Taught, updated the window to be like the Courses Taken and the ability to print out of that window just like it is set for students.

Merging Firms (from firm data cleanup tool or singletons, where you overwrite one ID with another), we now harvest all missing data from evil twin before killing it. Before, only the basic information was saved.
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