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Student Manager 8.0.085 Released

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:56 am
by matthew
Bugs fixed:
Grouped Registration and distributing a payment throws an error.

On Secmaint form, if you create a user name of 8 char (with M's or N's or w's ) the last digit does not display ie: MATTHEWO.

F5 Find Them throws an error in SQL Server.

Query by something with an apostrophe (') in it in SQL Server and you get an error.

New features
On Email Status Import/update, you can now have EXCEL as the format for the list of "Bad/Unsubscribe" emails.

On Instructor Reminders (tools), added a check box to Email contact from Location.

Also with Instructor Reminders, added the Coordinator and Min Class Size to the Course Selector grid.

Added number of seats on waitlisted registrations listed in waitlist area on course.

On queries, cleaned up/standardized labels for Coordinator and Firm Name (and which one, Firm or Names).

Added a waitlist warning on adding registration letting you know a Waitlist exists.

Added Get Web Cert to the fields on Student List (from Course).

Set Filter for Course Lookup from the Show Enrollment F2 (eg: to allow Coord to JUST see THEIR courses). It is saved in between logins and filters the Course search and Add Registration search routines.

Add a preview of the certificate before sending Certificates Email Separately. Ditto with Faculty Contracts.

Add seats to the Courses Taken View (from Student screen).

On Email Import/Status update, add option for "Mark as Do Not Mail AND Add to Blacklist".