Student Manager 8.0.084 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.084 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:36 am

Bugs fixed:
Spaces are added to the end of grouping codes in the clone routines in SQL Server. They aren't there when adding them fresh to a course. This throws off ACEweb.

If you reinvorate an invoice and then go to pay the new one off, it miscalculates the amount due (fires the distribute even though you are paying exact amt).

Displaying phone labels truncates first 5 or so letters of label on long ones.

Void one payment in the payment plan and it doesn't ask you to void the rest like it should (or used to).

Fee Name Editing in Codes, if you edit Main Fee description, it does NOT update the Register Fee Description (just the Course Fees section) making the fee an orphan on all the registrations it is attached to.

New features:
Added Member Number to the searchable fields in Name Find Them F5 tool.

Names w/ Registrations, added rgcredit to the cursor.

Add Add Date to the choices to order Quick List Enrollment (F2).

Show Attend F11 function to print the attendance reports,added the “Code” column.

Membership Codes is now listed in the data cleanup area.

SM now saves the file type choice on Export to File in between runs.

Password Maintenance Power Level colors (green) and removed Pocket Ledger as a requirement in there.

Duplicate Name Combine, added an Abandon button on the list of names.

On Show Users, added the "Date Last Logged in". Basically, we're tattling on those users who habitually never sign out!
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