Student Manager 8.0.083 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.083 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:35 am

Bugs fixed:
Enter a comparison value for queries and you hit the ... on anything except course codes, you get an error.

Using addloc function (which alt+3 from the course uses to copy course info) against new location records, does not always pull the location.

Reset staff reminders in SQL Server sets the date to 01/01/1901 instead of a blank date (NULL).

New features:
Keyboard shortcut to Mass Change/Update/Delete/Archive which is now Alt+1.

Technical Support actually shows you information about your technician. And you can click on the email address to copy it to your clipboard and email them. Make sure you set your technician in Org Defaults under preferences!

Catalog Code is no longer the Member Code on Membership courses. Instead, the Fee Member Code is now always used. Launching the new executable will fill this in if you are missing it.

Listing of emails for a course to be able to put into outlook. Ctrl+T while you have the course screen open to do that.

Add # of names returned to header of F5 Name Finder results.

Removing Instructor, the "Confirm Removal" dialog now shows the name of the instructor.

There is now a preference for adding, cloning, and mass cloning a course to default the web publish property.

Soft release: Ability to send emails from Outlook. If you can't get relay to work from Student Manager, we now have another option. Relaying is much more preferred as there are a ton of known issues with using Outlook (we can get around some). Get with your technician for more information if you want to move forward with this.
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