Student Manager 8.0.081 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.081 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:35 am

Bug fixes:
On Credentials.. could not DELETE a code value once it got entered.

From the registration screen, go to Pay, then back to Register, you can no longer see the labels for the UDFs.

Whopay function does not show anything if the first payment is a void and you just want info on 1 payment returned.

WHOPAY... if your payer name has TWO address lines AND you add one more field to the output... ( ie: add PYCONT to display) it will throw an error.

Using the quick email to class with a template for multiple registrations and using the namer function, everyone past the first person does not show the correct person or shows a blank.

On View grid of registration in a group (from Register, Show Groups) if you click on a column (to sort) get an error.

New features:
On combine names tool, added an option to pick which record is the master (good one).

Show Room Use can now do multiple items for the lookup.

On Mass Email Receipt setup... allow a BCC option ..where EVERY Emailed receipt would be bcc'ed to aspecific email.

Rather than just not do anything when someone does an Also Output As and not specify a name, create the file with the username and random number.

Course Reminder, if a course is added after the fact and registrations are added for a paper trail. REMINDER will not include courses that have already ended.

Code Edit: Fees area ( all 3), the display of the ACTIVE status added the "FIND".
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