Student Manager 8.0.079 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.079 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:23 am

Bugs fixed:
Assigning a lesson to a course without an instructor throws an error in SQL Server. In VFP, it just assigns ---'s to the field.

Editing lessons and saving it, you get an error.

Name Import Wizard with interest codes being imported throws an error.

While editing the room use for a course, the program does allow the saving of blank rooms. In SQL Server, you get an error. All around, it is bad behavior.

CASS import in SQL Server with names that have an apostrophe in the first name, will throw an error.

When on a name record and you hit Alt+Y to make the student an instructor record in SQL Server, you get an error.

In SQL Server, when running the mass/delete purge names tool, query on add date between two dates, never actually see the report when selecting the output option, and then after confirming that you want to delete the names, the return message is that no names were deleted.

After running Mass Purge/Delete, the names find screen is showing according to the query that was ran.

F9 key - In the Scopy By: User Defined Condition: You can only enter a max of 21 characters, then you run out of room.

Update counts include records marked as Billing Record.

Assign Invoice # at Billing Screen preference is not respected for payment plans.

Name Import Wizard: If you answer YES to check dups, it "Counts" a BLANK email (in the importing data) as a match, ergo any names imported that had NO email will be rejected.

Queries for ranges between "blah" and "blah2" throw an error in SQL Server.

Doing a brand new archive with course packaging and you get an error.

When printing from the Student List in archive, you get an error.

Add/Edit Catalog Information, if you click on undo it will throw an error.

On Pocket Ledger screen (from Course Screen), if you click on List CC Entries, get an error.

The holiday find (Module -> Holidays -> Find) is not working in VFP. Just closes the screen out.

If the course doesn't have a begin date, has membership requisites, the registration is from the WWWEB, and you remove it from the waitlist, you get an error in SQL Server.

Query for empty or not empty memo fields in SQL Server throws an error.

New features:
On Mailing Label and Name w/ Codes report setup, have a checkbox to "Include INACTIVE names".

Addopts - Added a 6th Parameter option (.t.) that will return a fully formatted "Fees + extended fees" ie: Books 3 @ $12 ea = $36.

Preference to not write today's date on the assignment of an invoice number.

Printing Options, IF Export to File is selected deactivate Also Output and if Also Output is selected to revert it when Export to File is selected.

Rerunning the Generate Federal Holidays duplicates the holidays, creating a mess.
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