Student Manager 8.0.077 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.077 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:39 pm

Bugs fixed:
New Membership Codes added to courses were not being added to the dropdowns that read them.

When you run Report/Statistics/Demographic Summary/Membership code and queried course in a list, you get an error.

If you have a group of registrations not all in the same account, the account number from the registration you are applying the payment to is put on one of the payments that may not be the right one if you do the specify payment (all of the others are right).

New features:
The Instructor list on the course screen now displays the type of instructor to the right of the name. This way you can distinguish between who is doing what role if you have multiple types. Or if you are sending multiple payments to an instructor, you can set the type of the additional records to signify they are just extra payment records.

You can now send SMS messages to instructors.

You can now selectively ungroup a group of registrations with an option to group the remainder back to their own group. Handy for if you've accidentally grouped two groups together or if the student (or firm) has only paid for part of the group and not the whole.

Speed Registration Add Import Wizard now also brings in Registration UDFs.
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