Student Manager 8.0.076 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.076 Released

Postby matthew » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:11 pm

Bugs fixed:
If you have more than 2 duplicate name records and they are all in the same course, the report of names that couldn't combine would show the (number of dups)^2 records for that match.

Logging into Manager .075 for the first time, get an error.

When choosing a building on the Show Room Use (Ctrl+F2) in SQL Server, you get an error.

If you change the subject code on a course with students already registered and missing a begin date in SQL Server, you get an error.

The Speedy Registration Name Import was leaving temp dbf files laying around.

Mass clone with a course that has an apostrophe in the course title throws an error.

Speedy Reg Name Import... the dedupe Based on Email message needs to be tweaked/clarified so users know that EVEN IF A IMPORTED name has a existing name..that the Registration WILL BE ADDED.

If you enter a begin date on a course with a location that has an apostrophe in the name, you get an error.

If you have a favorite report created to a report in the Waitlist report area, running it gives a message of Corruption in Memo.

New features:
On Firm Record, added a SHOW ESCROW button.

New button on Course Quick Report that quickly exports roster information into XLSX format.

Tools -> Mass Email Rosters to Instructors to pick number of days out to email the rosters to instructors like through Quick Report, but now sending en masse.

Limit the number of times a fee description used on a class.

Ability to pay multiple invoices with single payment. Under Module -> Invoices -> Pay Multiple Outstanding. Checkmark the ones you want to pay and go.

On Course Cancel (mass reg cancel/refund) from Course Module. If user HAS [] NOT Allow Refunds checked in Secmaint, this link was DISABLED, but now you can do it and it cancels the course and doesn't run the refund routine.

Add a parameter to addpay to allow custom character to put between the payments when there are multiples (default is a carriage return).

Generate Individual PDFs is now in the Reports | Registration | Receipts area.

F2 Show Enrollment now can search on catalog code.

You can fire the Email Reminders from the F2 Show Enrollment based on the selection criteria put there.

Mass Delete Course you can select criteria based on the category of the course.

Mass Delete Course can now handle commas in the course code search field to choose multiple semesters (or really multiple course begins criteria).

6th parameter added to clsteach to put a custom string between multiple instructors. Default is chr(13) (carriage return).

Added the function showteach as a simplified version of clsteach. Parameters: 1) course number; 2) string to return (default is "inname1+[ ]+inname3"); 3) condition to return instructors (default is all); 4) string to put between instructors if multiple (default is (chr(13) (carriage return)).
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