Student Manager 8.0.075 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.075 Released

Postby matthew » Mon May 06, 2019 9:05 am

Bugs fixed:
Running a CEU report in SQL Server, you get an error.

If you don't have any unlimited UDFs and you Add Missing Item from a report area that has NameUDFs, CrseUDFs, or RegUDFs, you get an error.

Transferring a payment is crippling slow in SQL Server.

If you add a fee adjustment from the refund wizard screen, you get an error.

Doing a name import with a fax field, you get an error.

The dashboard was giving bad calculations on "This Week", "Last Week", "This Month", and "Last Month".

Generate Federal Holidays for 2020 and you get an error. Also, Independence Day doesn't get created.

In SQL Server if you run a query for a date within a list, you get an error.

On Course quick report.. the "Check Special Needs" view DISPLAYS CANCELLED registrations.

Course import wizard with Begin Dates and Days of the Week throws an error when trying to calculate against the new holidays format.

In SQL Server if you run a query for an empty date or not empty date, you get an error.

F11 Show Attend is rounding Hours to the nearest tenth when going above 9.99 total.

Adding a firm to a name. If the firm has a zip+4, the county and phone lookup fails.

Course Module/Course / Cancel Course tool: At the "Class Level Refund Wizard" screen, if you cancel CANCELS the course but DOES NOT cancel the registrations. It should still cancel the registrations.

New features:
Ability to rename CEUs, Hours, Credits on Course Preferences.

Hotkeys (aka Keyboard Shortcuts F1) now docks to the screen and stays there.

There is now a preference to prevent students from taking the same course in different terms (i.e 19Scooking and 19Fcooking, same class, different terms).

Added email to the waitlist screen.

Show Total Due, Total Paid, and Balance Due on each registrant of a group.

Tied the Send Roster to Instructor to an email template so that the user can set those themselves and not have to edit them each and every time they run it.

Reporting multiple instances of the same instructor on the same course (so multiple payments) is now deduped in the findinst, clsteach, counttch, and quickinst functions. Functions totaling instructor pay still shows all payments.

When Cancelling a class whether from Module | Courses | Cancel a Course or from the Course Screen itself is now asking to clear Instructor Pay.

Expanded conotify to allow more email addresses (currently, 150 characters).

On LOCATION, added Location Phone?

Mass Register displays the course numbers of the course registering from and the course registering to on the header of the select students form. Also added Reg Note to the form.

On F9, for This Week and Last Week calculations, show the date range so that people know what to expect. (It is considered Monday-Sunday for a week, but the visualization will help reinforce that.)
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