Student Manager 8.0.071 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.071 Released

Postby matthew » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:04 am

Bugs go squish:
If you delete a payment on a registration record that isn't the last registration, click the left arrow doesn't move you to the previous record (instead, usually the last record) in SQL Server.

Deleting an unlimited UDF definition doesn't actually delete it.

If you do the make credential in SQL Server and put in a date field for one of the dates that doesn't have a date in it (so it is null in the database), you get an error.

Running a report with gradrept on it, you get an error.

When a course has a membership requisite, but does not have a begin date, SQL Server users get an error.

Courses with locations that have apostrophes in them, when you try to open the Room Use screen, you get an error.

Sending a Mass Receipt with SQL Server, you get an error.

New features:
Instructor Type dropdown entries on the Course Instructor tab is now definable on an institution basis and not by us.

Credentials are now sortable by clicking on the various column heads.

Speaking of Credentials, the score field is now wider.

When doing a Speed Registration Entry with the Name Import, your import file can include Registration fields.

You can now select multiple financial aid draws to apply at the same time.

You can now do a Custom Condition to the Mass Update Faculty Fields.
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