Student Manager 8.0.070 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.070 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:59 am

Bugs fixed:
In SQL Server, the Registration Speed Entry with the Import Wizard throws an error.

Changing the course code and it begins with something that already exists or even the current code, then it tells you that the course already exists.

Mass Group a Family with Disable 1st Word Auto Search preference turned on and you get an error.

Updating instructor pay information isn't saving.

Running Deadbeat in SQL Server against archive courses says that there no records matching the query.

Update counts for workshops includes canceled, waitlisted, and billing records.

If your power level is the same as the delete level, you can't delete a holiday (<= instead of <).

Reports -> Statistics -> Names -> Demographic Summary with a date field selected and you want to see Due or Paid, you get an error..

If you start an unlimited UDF name with a number, you get an error message when you go to that area's UDF screen.

New features:
On Course Quick Report, added Table Tents to the list of reports.

Added coaccount, loccity and locstate to Course Quick Reports: Faculty Report, Contract Agreements, Instructor List, Performance Data, Check Request, and Faculty Only Reports.

Extend the number of characters limit in the Firm window firm name (75), address 1 (50), address 2 (50), and contacts (75). As a result, the same fields have been extended in Names, Instruct, Pay, and Pocket Ledger.
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