How to: Updating Student Manager

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How to: Updating Student Manager

Postby Jason » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:05 am

This is a guide that will walk you through updating Student Manager's executable (sm8.exe) to the latest build version.

Note: Updating the executable should only be done when your Student Manager version is current! (If you are running Student Manager 7.2.A you should NOT update, you should upgrade to 8.0!)

It's always a good idea to backup your data before performing any type of administrative function, including updates!

1. Download the latest sm8.exe from using the "Update File" link. You can obtain the username and password from your ACEware technician. Save this file to your desktop or another location you can easily access - don't "run" it!

2. Open your Student Manager database folder. This is most likely on a network share, not on your local computer. You may have a mapped drive to that folder. An easy way to open this folder is to use the shortcut that you use to log in to SM. Simply right click on your shortcut to Student Manager, choose properties, then click the button that says either "Find Target" or "Open File Location".

3. From Student Manager, verify that all other users are logged out by going to Tools > Show Users. (you will need to be in the SM ADMIN group to access this tool). Once you've confirmed everyone is logged out, exit out of Student Manager.

4. Copy the downloaded executable (sm8.exe) from it's save location into the Student Manager database folder. You will get a prompt indicating that the file already exists, so choose "yes" to overwrite it or replace it. Note - if you have downloaded past executables, some browsers will append a number to the exe, like "sm8(1).exe". You will need to make sure that it is renamed to just "sm8.exe".

5. You can now delete the sm8.exe from your desktop or other save location, close the Student Manager database folder, and log back in. Once logged in, verify that the update was applied by checking the build number in the top left of the Student Manager window.
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Re: How to: Updating Student Manager

Postby matthew » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:21 pm

Also, beginning with build 8.0.063, you must run a new wwIpStuff.dll if you have the email module. Additionally, you will need a new wwDotNetBridge.dll and a host of other files for the new spell check. Please get with your technician to see if you need one or the other update.
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