Student Manager 8.0.101 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.101 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:02 am

Bugs fixed:
Course Quick Report: Run Cert w/ JDI that doesn't return any records. It also does NOT give "?no records found" message.

When changing a fee name in codes are, it doesn't warn you that you are changing all fee names in the database with the new name. It also doesn't perform the change.

Can't encode header and footer of Email Link to Pay Outstanding template.

Running Mergemail from names quick reports can result in an error.

Hitting the delete key on a course brings up the copy email dialog.

You can only enter up to 9999 in the comax field even though the database supports up to 99999.

You can still see the Date Open for Enrollment date picker when the course isn't an Async course.

Changing a membership code in codes doesn't change it on the fees it is associated with nor the names that have it.

New features:
Added email address of staffer when showing users that are logged in.

Added a Physical Count calculation on the Hybrid tab of the Course.

Added rghybrid to quick reports. Also, allow scoping by Virtual and Physical.

Added Juneteenth to the list of Generate Federal Holidays.

In doing name imports, added an option to dedupe based on date of birth and full name as some people use that as their unique identifier.

Since some places use birthdate and name as unique identifier, added that as a choice in combine names data cleanup.

Added a preference to remove the Email Link to Pay Outstanding so it isn't accidentally hit.

Don't do room conflict checking from the course on asynch courses. (Added a preference to override in case some people do want to do this.)
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