Student Manager 8.0.098 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.098 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:50 pm

Bugs fixed:
Clicking on add registration from a name record doesn't allow you to add a registration.

From module>invoices>all invoices and close out, you get an error.

When adding a Credential from the Name screen (Add New Entry), you get an error.

HTML version of email signatures aren't being sent out with HTML emails. They would send after you visit My User Profile, first.

If a user doesn't have permissions to the Windows temp folder, on imports they get an error, "OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Excel: Unable to get the SaveAs property from the Workbook class.." The code now puts a temp folder inside the manager folder so we have more control over it.

Deleting the Instructor Type doesn't save unless other changes are made to the course.

When assigning the first instructor to a course, the Type isn't set, which is fine. On subsequent instructor additions, Instructor is set as a type, even if that type isn't a choice (shouldn't set like the first one).

You are able to Apply Payment to Invoice on an uninvoiced billing at the same time someone else is assigning invoice numbers through Run Invoices. This causes duplicated invoice numbers.

With the Remember Me on this Computer option, emails send from "Master User" rather than the user's name.

Apostrophes in the notes field of credentials throw an error (varies) in SQL Server.

Cloning existing courses with special characters (e.g. /) in them breaks the new course.

If a registration is missing the regudf record, printing a receipt throws an error.

Group assignement in Password Maintenance still calculates Pocket Ledger into the Power Level.

addfee2 isn't doing anything with the 5th parameter.

New features:
Add an edit button to the Show Catalog screen from a Workshop so that you can edit the Description of the Workshop.

Add a way to deactivate faculty teaching older courses that aren't teaching newer ones in one fell swoop. (Checkbox to exclude teaching newer.) Note: The preview does not show this, but it does it when ran.

Added parameters to deaddump to export the information. 3rd parameter is the location for the dump and the 4th is the type.

On the teacherwas function input box, add the ability to see what names were put in (hover box on the input box). Also, add it so that Cancel cancels the routine and hitting OK on a empty box continues the routine (go with the teachers already entered).

Have a way to remove the "Remember Me on this Computer" on login. (Get with your technician if you need to do this, but I do want to reiterate how secure this. See my newsletter article this month for more information.)

Add cosubcode and loclocat to the Demographics -> Names with Registrations reporting cursor.
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