Student Manager 8.0.096 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.096 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:32 pm

Bugs fixed:
When cloning a course, get an error.

When deleting an Unlimited UDF, the matching entries aren't deleted from queries, causing issues.

In SQL Server, running the course cancelation wizard throws an error.

Sort order on the Name Search screen is no long working.

Checking the log CRM entry on the send instructor email reminders routine does not actually log the email.

Search (Find) on the code screen is throwing an error in SQL Server.

Email Link to Pay Outstanding isn't generating the link properly, so people can't click on it.

Navigation on the name screen shows deactivated names.

If you have an existing name record without a firm and you have the Firm Popup List option turned on and you tab into the firm field, select a firm, and don't make any other changes, the change won't save.

Using the calendar button to enter the Publish Date on a course doesn't save unless there is another change on the screen.

New features:
Added the question about selecting students by date or checking them when running table tents from the course quick report screen.

Ask to include signature on Email Link to Pay Outstanding if the preference to include it is on (as opposed to just putting it in).
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