Student Manager 8.0.095 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.095 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:43 am

Bugs fixed:
Modules>invoices>outstanding invoices (all) Sort for Payer name, due, paid will not sort at all, and INV Date will not sort in reverse.

Running a CEU report and saying yes to running the Georgia State Report, throws an error.

Combining names in SQL Server and you sometimes get an error.

Cloning a course with an unlimited UDF throws an error in SQL Server.

New features:
Ability to Combine Workshops (as in move everyone in the bad code to the good code and remove the bad code).

Added an editable template to configure the text sent with the "Email Link to Pay Outstanding" button on name records. Can also edit the subject line.

When replacing the location ID with a location ID that already exists, the warning message says that the references to the ID will be changed, but doesn't mention the combining nature of the two (the fact that both locations will now exist under this one and the other is removed from the system). Not a behavior change, but instead a messaging change. If you are changing the ID and the ID isn't already in the system, the old warning of changing IDs is shown, still.

Disabled the Cancel, Zero Hours, and Delete Attendance options when refunding an escrow payment with the refund wizard.
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