Student Manager 8.0.088 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.088 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:15 pm

Bugs fixed:
Quick Reports (name and course) do not automatically show the century on dates like other reports. (Also found the same issue in print receipts and cashbox.)

Some email servers (i.e. gmail) reject emails sent from double clicking the name email, instructor email, email roster to instructor, and possibly others.

You can't get fee, grouping, or instructor information on a course income summary report without querying on those elements. While that is a fact and would severely alter the results by adding those in by default, no fields from those tables are in the query manager list to choose from.

In Favorite Report Setup, CREDENTIALS are missing from Demographics area.

"is missing a date" and "is not missing a date" queries are throwing an error in SQL Server.

If sending Certificates by email from Reports -> Registrations -> Certificates through Outlook, you get an error.

Refund fixed amount in the Course Cancel Wizard results in an error in SQL Server, "Syntax error, access violation, or other nonspecific error."

New features:
Added an update button that will update the fee category for sites using the senior citizen fee based on age to apply the fee to those who NOW are old enough for that fee.

Added a preference to lock the editing of payments after entering something in a UDF field. The preference is called Lock Editing of Noted Pay Records.

Added a button on UDF screens to go to the corresponding help screen.

Added update and add dates to the catalog record.

Refund Wizard can now be performed from Escrow.

Added a new Import Wizard to import names into multiple courses (registrations).

Added a separate field for "Campus" to Location record. You must enable the preference to use this.

Added this new "Campus" field to the sort options for Location from Course Statistics.

Course Main Fee Description is now 50 characters.

Have liinstid be able to import into course import wiz and hook up with an instructor record.

Added a Find Registrations search in Module -> Registration.

Email Roster to Instructor completely overhauled to allow you to checkmark what items to send to the instructor.

Added location to the email calendar attachment when emailing receipts.

Added a Sample button the email before sending Mass Registration Confirmations.

Mass Email Receipt now allows a parameter to be passed in to specify a particular "user defined" Email Receipt template. Added a dropdown of options to specify the way Courses are listed ("Course # 1", "Course "+Cocrse, NO lead “Heading” at all).

Email Link to Pay Outstanding button now on the Name screen (next to email) if they have a balance.

Added a way to select/deselect courses when sending an emergency email.

Added a field to Course that could store the label/name for a custom defined Email Receipt.

Revamped the Mass Email Wizard and just put it into an entry screen like most of the other email screens in the system.

Added a preference to automatically send an email to instructors when their class meets the minimum enrollment.
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