Student Manager 8.0.054 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.054 Released

Postby matthew » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:46 am

Bugs fixed:
Course Import Wizard to import new instructor information throws an error.

Course Import Wizard with logicals in the Excel File throws an error.

On instructor records, anytime you tab through the firm field, despite it being an actual firm record or not, it deletes the value.

AW-Pendings on startup and in F7 are not showing up if they are revoked (SQL Server).

F10 Membership - on Student List Report, please add a summary band, with the TOTAL # of Names Reported.

Course Code Transmographier was revamped due to multiple issues.

After emailing a receipt and you say yes to printing a receipt, you get "SQL: Column 'COBEGDATE' is not found."

Import Wizard is not populating nmlastact.

Deadbeat calculation does not respect the quantity of the additional charges.

On SQL Server, whenever you open a name record and DO NOTHING.. just open it, but if you do OK/ Find/Arrow left right (or anything else that automatically fires a save), the UPDATED is updated w/ your username.

New features:
Stampcred function to run from a report to stamp everyone in the report with a credential. See the webinar for more information. The next update to help will have the specs on it as well.

When you RENAME a query, it now presents the user with the OLD query name.

On rename/move report, the column for report name is now wider to accommodate the new size of the field.
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