ACEweb 3.5.062 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.062 Released

Postby Jason » Thu Feb 04, 2021 3:58 pm

You should only use the if you are updating from build .61! Anything lower and you should use the!

ALWAYS backup your aceweb and wconnect folders before proceeding!

Touchnet Customers: this release requires an updated copy of TPGSecureLink.dll, dated 12/10/2020. That eliminates the need for the supplemental file altDotNetBridge.dll that shipped with the previous build so that file can be removed.

New Features:

    The Cancel Registration feature allows individual students to cancel their own enrollments. It has been extended so staff with Mgr Web access can cancel registrations for any user. Cancellation can be restricted to free and/or waitlisted courses, or allowed for all registrations, depending on your policies, which can be set separately for staff vs students. (Refunds for paid courses cancelled must still be manually processed by office staff.)

    The student sign up page has had more customizable javascript popup dialogue messages that can now be set for the multiple configuration options for allowing duplicate email addresses.

    Proxy registration now has a mode that allows for multiple students to be selected at once to be proxy registered into a class. All selected students will be given the same fee/optional fee selections when adding them to the cart. (This can be set on a course by course basis or for all courses with ProxyType=multi in your aceweb.ini)

    Editable instructor profiles - your faculty (and staff via Manager Web) can now view and edit fields (of your choosing) from the instructor's profile page, or via a new "view profile" button on Manager Web. Can be configured to send a notification of changes made to the OfficeEmail address if desired.

    Added more enhancements to the INI editor, allowing you to specify a default sort, either by ini key, or by category (sort=category in your awini.ini file). Also added alphabetical page shortcuts to quickly bring you to that section of the page and a Return to Top option on each row.


    Fixed an issue when a user has multiple memberships so the MemberStatus function correctly displays the status of all memberships.

    The GroupReg page will now send you to the login page so it can be opened even if you were not already logged in.

    Various compatibility and accessibility tweaks to generated content and templates.

    Fixes made to the ShowEscrow function's calculations

    Corrected an issue that was creating orphaned payments when a proxy registration was being paid for by the logged-in user's escrow funds.

    Excluded refunded escrow payment records from being eligible for online escrow pay.

    Fixed a bug with membership requisites, which prevented courses from being added to the cart, despite the membership course being present.

    Fixed a bug with course packaging so it will now respect the catlinkstatus option to allow courses with membership requisites to be added to the cart along with the membership or pre-requisite course.

    Corrected an error in the cart widget that was creating an exagerated cart display total.

    Changed the order in which the person profile page saves unlimited user defined fields so they will not be accidentally overwritten under certain circumstances.

    Fixed a rare glitch that could allow another course to be accidentally cancelled via the cancel reg routine with a page refresh.

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