ACEweb 3.5.061 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.061 Released

Postby Jason » Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:07 pm

This update contains new 7.15 framework .dll files that must be replaced! Please be sure to follow the update instructions, and don't forget to BACKUP! You should only use the if you are updating from build .60! Anything lower and you should use the!

New Features:

    Customizable instructor password reset email dialogue - You can now change the text that is sent when an instructor with a blank password chooses the forgot password option in the inrepass.txt file.

    Membership courses will now recalculate the cart total at the time they are added.

    Using Escrow on ACEweb can now be toggled on a course by course basis with the "conoescrow" field on the ACEweb info tab of the course screen.

    The ShowSchedule (course list) routine can now use fields from the catalog table.

    The optional feature that allows students to cancel free courses on ACEweb is now supported in the SQL version.

    The invoice status page now supports the use of the pyudfc1 and pyudfc2 Pay UDF fields.


    Fixed the login redirection for attachments.awp. Now correctly prompts you to log in.

    Fixed a bug with multiple membership requisites on the enrollment cart.

    Changed the INSTID (system generated faculty ID) to be usable with lowercase alpha characters for logging in.

    Fixed some mobile styling issues on accountstatus.awp

    The payment status history page was not correctly reflecting payments made with payment types F,G or H

11/17 Revision:
    Updated wwRequestLog restructuring to allow logging under SQL
    Workaround for Touchnet payment failures (needs altDotNetBridge.dll)
    Fixes XPage vulnerability
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