ACEweb 3.5.057 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.057 Released

Postby Jason » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:00 am


ACEweb build .057 will mark a change in the way that ACEweb updates are done. We will be releasing the normal file, however it will no longer include all of the typical templates and files that were "recently" updated, but instead only contain the updated executable file(s), and any other templates or files that are required for a new feature or fix for that update.

What does this mean for you? The file should ONLY be used to update from the previous build revision. So in this case, you should NOT use it if you are not already on build .56, as we will have another zip file called which has templates that were recently updated, allowing you to update from an older build of ACEWeb (as long as it's not older than 3.5 or 4.0 !).

    Added code to force the Secure flag in the WSESSIONID cookie (flag is off by default).based on a new AWSYS.INI setting (SecureCookie=ON).

    When viewing directory lists using the :DIR option, you can now drill down into subdirectories by clicking the folder name. You can also open viewable file types (.txt, .htm, .xml, .dbf, .ini, .config) by clicking the Contents link, and see the current Windows File/Folder permissions using the Permissions link.

    Added support for archived courses to the STORM module for online Certificates and Transcripts.

    Added a GroupList option which blocks all courses from being displayed on a given interface (GroupList=EXCLUDE:ALL). This could be used when an interface is dedicated to handling Manager payments only. Also GroupList settings will now be applied to when displaying individual groups on the ShowSchedule page, unless excepted by adding GL=IGNORE to the querystring.

    This release will include a new admin.aspx file which will enhance security by requiring Windows authorization to access the page.

    Enhanced access to instructor-related features when a staff member is logged in via Staff Web Access. Courses will no longer pre-load upon displaying the instructor page, and you now have the option to select a specific instructor from a drop-down menu. For staff members with sufficient privileges (AW Level 5 or higher), selecting one instructor now correctly allows you to add/edit gradebook and attendance entries (with optional ATT module).

    Modified how the http request page is generated when submitting a payment to the Elavon/Converge payment service. This increases to protect sensitive data from being intercepted. Requires an updated copy of the Elavon.htm template.

    Added ACH and transaction fee support for the Cashnet payment service.

    The gradebook.awp template can now be modified (contact your technician) to support adding and editing CEU's in addition to Grades, Credits, and Hours.

    Added criteria to ensure that cancelled Register records will only be recycled during AW payments if the Updating User is WWWEB. Records cancelled by office staff should not be modified, so will not be considered for recyling.

    Fixed a critical bug in the OSBP pay service handler.

    Corrected code that was displaying interest codes on the ACEweb Person page even if the codes were marked as inactive in Manager.

    Corrected some unnecessary logging to the AWDB text file when viewing courses

    Fixed an issue with registration record recycling (allowing a user to attempt enrollment again via ACEweb when the registration fails) that was allowing a user to recycle a record even when the "last updated by" was not WWWEB.

    Fixed an issue with the AW STORM online reporting module that prevented certificate and transcript reports from displaying

    Fixed a display issue with the SHOUPCLS function that caused it to not correctly query for upcoming classes.

    Fixed a bug that was preventing email notices being sent to addresses in the Persons to Notify field, in cases where online payments were applied to outstanding balances.

    Restored parameter statements that were lost when migrating the Course business object to a program-based class. Affected methods included HTMLDepositBox and HTMLDonations
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