ACEweb 3.5.055 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.055 Released

Postby Jason » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:01 am

Please make sure you make a FULL backup of your inetpub\aceweb and inetpub\wwwroot\wconnect folders and their contents!

You MUST upgrade Student Manager to build 8.0.070 before applying this ACEweb update!


    Support for Google single sign on (contact your technician as this requires additional files and templates) to allow users to optionally sign into ACEweb using their Google account.

    Support for the new paid module using InCommon/Shibboleth SSO (contact your tech for details)

    ACEweb.ini revamp – all ini settings are now divided into 9 categories (sorted by those categories by default) and you can also search for a keyword contained in the setting or description of all entries. All settings can now have a second value stored with the setting swap feature. (Requires updates to the AWINI.DBF table and the AWINI.HTM template. Remember update the alternate folders as well as the main directories when alternate interfaces are in play.)

    Expanded support for unlimited user defined fields in more areas, including person.awp, data capture pages, and HTML and script based express registration templates.

    Added support for waitlisting on Express reg pages.

    Source/Tracking codes by default now allows users to add a different tracking code for each course added to the cart. (Optionally it will only request a code for the first course added during a given session.)

    The HTMLWkshoplist function now supports use of the NiceDate function for more date display options on your workshop selections.

    ACEweb Fee Limits – This new feature allows you to specify limits on how many times a main course fee can be used. Supports fee categories, memberships etc!

    Past term reg checking – This new feature (StopMultiReg in the aceweb.ini) when set to ON will disallow a student from adding a course to their cart if they have previously taken a course with the same catalog code.

    Improvements to DebugViewer allow searching for a keyword and timeframe to speed up access before loading the full set of logs. (Requires updates to the Debugviewer template files.)


    Corrected an over-zealous bit of coding that was assigning proper case to fields on person.awp which prevented certain case combinations.

    Fixed an incorrectly displayed warning about **Unsafe Content** that could occur on XPerson.awp routines.

    Fixed a serious bug in the business object code that, in certain situations when assigning UDF values to new records, could result in blanking out those values.

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