ACEweb 3.5.051 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.051 Released

Postby Jason » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:12 am

Please make sure you make a FULL backup of your inetpub\aceweb and inetpub\wwwroot\wconnect folders and their contents!

The password for ACEweb downloads has been updated! Please contact your ACEware technician to obtain the new password.

Please note: update .051 includes new DLL files that must replace your existing ones for ACEweb to function. Visit the ACEweb resources page for ACEweb update downloads and instructions.


    Support for unlimited UDF fields on data capture pages and signup/profile pages.

    Expanded the functionality of the USERIDSource aceweb.ini setting to allow users that had duplicate emails to log in, while preventing new accounts from using that email address when disallowed. (:PREMULT)


    Fixed a bug in the waitlisting routine so that AW actually respects the Allow Waitlisting on Web box on the ACEweb Info tab. This allows you to set AllowWaitlisting to OFF in Aceweb.ini, but to override the global setting for selected individual courses.

    Fixed an issue with UDF values not being posted when a new user signed up

    Made a change to the showtranstatus.htm template to fix an issue with alternate interface logons

    Corrected issues with the AWStorm online reporting module not working in some cases

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