ACEweb 3.5.035 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.035 Released

Postby Cheryl » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:31 am


  • ACEweb 3.5.033 and newer require updated DLLs, included in the update zip.
  • .026 may require reregistering the ACEweb server. If you update ACEweb and get a 'BSTRToString Failed on Response. Err code = ffffffff:' message when loading an ACEweb page (e.g. showgroups.awp), please see the of the "BSTRToString Failed on Response. Err code = ffffffff:" section of the Troubleshooting General ACEweb Errors help topic to resolve the error.

This release includes these new features/bug fixes:

Updated the term fee module to use the ##-AsyncInfo-## section when sending the email confirmation.

Added support for cloing NameUDFs fields to the person and proxyreg pages. Requires updated person_page.prg and proxyreg_page.prg templates, included in the update zip.

Updated the Nicedate function to show year designation for beginning and ending dates on courses that span multiple years.

Updated the iFolder() function to ignore mismatched case in HTMLPagePath INI setting.
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