ACEweb 3.5.065 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.065 Released

Postby Jason » Wed Jul 14, 2021 8:45 am

This is an interim release. You can safely update using the incremental ( update file going from .064 to this build. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE BEGINNING!


    The new course editor feature allows for staff members to edit basic course information via manager web. More fields and options are planned for future enhancements to this new tool.

    ACEweb can now log more detailed information about when users are adding, paying for, or abandoning courses on their enrollment carts, with the ability to follow up with the students (email link) or export the report results to Excel.

    Instructors now have the option of adding a custom attendance date via instructor access on-the-fly.

    When the email notice is sent out that minimum enrollment has been met, the email/subject can now be logged to the instructor's CRM record

    You now have the option to send out an email notification when an instructor has entered grades via the gradebook in Instructor Access. List the intended recipient(s) in the EmailNotice entry in the new Gradebook.ini config file.

    ACEweb now has support for Hybrid courses! (a course that has both physical/in person courses, as well as virtual or online seats)
    This allows for students to choose which option, and when the physical seat max is reached (set on the course screen > hybrid tab), only virtual seats can be filled. Note that this course type is not compatible with waitlisting.

    Added the option to generate "V" style invoice numbers for Pay records created when using the invoice option to register online. (Only applies to courses with Publish/Register/Allow Billing enabled.) This feature is triggered by adding the string |GENVNUM| to the AltSettings INI entry.

    Courses without begin/end dates can now be viewed by clicking the "Other Courses" button on the Registration History page.
    Requires updated ShowTranStatus.htm to include the new button and new Async.htm template for the course listing. Also Phrasebook item 610 under REGSTATUS allows you to customize the text shown when no such courses are found.

    Extended support for the PayFlowLink service to handle variations in the results returned by PayPal. Recent protocol revisions meant that instead of payment confirmations, users were getting error messages telling them to contact the office.

    The About page now shows the Web Connection operational mode (.NET vs ISAPI).


    Fixed a bug in the MySchoolBucks payment module that was causing all online invoice payments to fail.

    Fixed a bug in the invoice payment routine for all pay services. If a payment attempt failed or was cancelled, the invoice would disappear from the to-be-paid list even though it was still unpaid.

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