ACEweb 3.5.063 Released

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ACEweb 3.5.063 Released

Postby Jason » Tue Mar 16, 2021 1:07 pm

This is an interim release. You can safely update using the incremental ( update file going from either .061 OR .062 to this build. Its primary purpose is to fix the following critical issues that were reported in .062:

Major Fixes:

    A failure in the escrow payments feature. Users could select the option at check out to pay from their escrow balances, but the payments would not actually be applied. This feature had been working in 061, but had a relatively minor glitch when dealing with refunded escrow records. A side effect of that fix caused a failure in the core escrow routine. Both the refund issue and the critical failure have been resolved.

    Membership courses could not be added to a cart that already had courses in it (SQL only). Under VFP, it attempts to recalculate fees on the existing courses in case they now qualified for a membership discount, but under SQL the routine was failing catastrophically (either throwing an error or hanging the system), so essentially the only way to sign up for a membership was to put that course on the cart first. This has been corrected.

    The instructor list shown on the course status page is now sorted by last name, first name, with an option to change the order via a template parameter.

    When the email notice is sent out that minimum enrollment has been met, the email/subject can now be logged to the instructor's CRM record.

    Fully implemented the Evaluate String Expression option on the AWViewer page. This allows pre-testing functions before using them, say, in ## template expressions.

    A minor adjustment was made to the ShowSchedule HTML to meet accessibility standards.

    A Firm extension has been added to the ProxyRegMulti page, allowing the user to select proxy candidates from a list of other persons associated with their firm (rather than just their personal contacts). This option will automatically be available when Proxy type is set to Multi (either in the INI or at the course level) and the Allowed to Proxy Register Firm box is checked on the Name record for the logged in user.
Other Fixes:

    A minor bug, that on rare occasions caused duplicates when recycling Register records, has been fixed.

    Removed a bogus reference to the jqueryUI script from certain framework pages.

    Minor adjustments were made to the awjq.js javascript library.

    Fixed another bug with the routine that recalculates fees when a membership course is added to the cart (under both SQL and VFP). In certain cases involving proxies it would grant discounts that were not deserved.
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