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QuickPick 1.1.015

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:20 am
by LindseyL
This release requires updated copies of quickpick_page.prg, qpconfig.fxp, quickpick.js, and ACEweb .059 or later.

New features:
    1.) Limit course enrollment in a group based on either quantity or hours. This will account for any courses the user has already enrolled in.
    2.) Support for optional fees

New course group box items:
    hoursLimit - Sets the limit on the maximum number of course hours allowed
    courseLimit - Sets the limit on the maximum number of courses allowed
    limitsIncludeWaits - If true, any course/hours limits will include waitlisted registrations. If false, they won’t be included
    optionalFees - if true, optional fees are displayed

New INI settings:
    courseLimitMsg - message displayed if a course limit has been set on the course group.
    hoursLimit - message displayed if there is an hours limit in a course group