Legacy QuickPick updates (1.0.001 -- 1.1.004)

Release notes for the QuickPick registration addon module for ACEweb

Legacy QuickPick updates (1.0.001 -- 1.1.004)

Postby LindseyL » Thu May 23, 2019 9:47 am

1.1.004, 7/25/2017
    There's a significant setup change in that a new file has been added to the installation package. QPConfig.fxp should be placed in the Inetpub\aceweb folder and holds the definitions for the QP configuration object, whose values are read from QuickPick.INI
    New INI entries
      noRegisterMsg – Status message for regular courses that are not currently open for registration.
      noMemberRegMsg – Status message for membership courses that are currently unavailable.
      alreadyReg - Status message displayed if user is already registered in the course. By default, the same message is used for all courses, but it can be configured to use different wording for memberships vs standard classes. Specify the 2 entries using a pipe character as a divider, with the membership message shown first. e.g.
      alreadyReg=Membership Purchased|Already Registered
      alreadySelectedMsg - Status message for courses already in the Enrollment Cart, displayed when re-entering the QP form to make changes before checking out.
      pendingMsg - Status message shown if user is registered for a course but the reg record is flagged as Pending (i.e. the Reg Note contains the AW-PENDING flag).
      Suggest listing the following items in subsequent lines in the docs, with slight wording change shown:
      donationOptions - determines how many donation courses are enabled. Maximum is 4.
      donationCourse - course code(s) for donations. 1- 4 entries (depending on above value), separated by commas.
      The following are not currently used, reserved for possible future application
      Note: Incomplete and pending registrations will only be flagged if values are specified for the corresponding INI entries. If left blank, the selections will be treated as standard registrations.
    New or updated QPBoxes settings, Membership area:
      hideFrom - used to prevent persons who already have a membership from seeing different membership courses.
      complement – implements a new course category called complementary memberships. This can act as an extension to an existing membership, but unlike the supplementary option which requires the other membership as a prerequisite - a complement can also be purchased as a stand-alone option. In the above example, a user could buy the Fall membership in September, then come back in January and get the Spring option. Or if they don't like the fall offerings, they could just buy the Spring membership on its own.
      showIf – (for future use). There's untested code in place to support a more granular set of options for when memberships are shown/hidden. I thought I'd need this for Boise but the hideFrom option seems to be working for what they need. But I'm leaving it in place in case a customer does come up with more complex requirements.
1.1.003, 08/28/2018
    You now have the option to skip the majority of the QP debug logging entries. Those lines can be quickly reenabled for troubleshooting purposes by adding this line to QuickPick.ini:

    But if extendedLogging=OFF (or if the entry is missing entirely), it will only log the most critical lines. Hopefully that will help reduce the time it takes to load the page.

    Also fixed a bug that was allowing a user to enroll in some cases where a supplemental requirement was not met.
1.1.002, 8/8/2017
    INI Changes
      INI date entries should now be entered as YYYY-MM-DD

      New INI entries:
      cutoffRegDate – by default, a user whose membership is current as of today's date will be allowed to register for any members-only course listed, even if their membership might expire before the course starts. By setting a cutoff date (say, to a date at the end of the semester), you can ensure that only those whose memberships are good for the whole term can register.

      Alternatively, you can set something like this:

      To cut off registrations on a course by course basis based on the starting date. By default the cutoff is the actual cobegdate value, but you can add a plus/minus value to modify that. The -1 above sets the cutoff to the day before the class starts.

      lastRegDate – optional entry used to indicate the end of the term, so if the membership extends beyond that we don't have to check each individual course

      Deprecated INI entry:

      Added fields:
      <input type="hidden" id="priorMemberships" name="priorMemberships" value="<%=This.Page.cPriorMembCodes %>" />
      <input type="hidden" id="currentMemberships" name="currentMemberships" value="<%=This.Page.cCurrentMembCodes %>" />

      <input type="hidden" id="paidMemberships" name="paidMemberships" value="<%=This.Page.cPaidMembCodes %>" />

      Coupon code can now be used on QuickPick, but only with a single membership course. The coupon fee must be set up on the Course record ahead of time (see documentation for how to configure).

      Added the ability to go back and edit individual selections when using the proxy feature. From the checkout page, instead of a single Change Selections button, you get an option for the main user and each proxy

      There is now an Enroll Another Person button on the checkout page so you can also add a new proxy.

      If the customer does not want the proxy feature, remove the buttons from both quickpick.awp and quickregister.htm. On quickpick.awp, change the .T. to .F..

      <%IF .T. %>
      <p class="qpButtons"><ww:wwWebButton runat="server" ID="btnQPproxyAdd" Text="Enroll Someone Else" Click="btnQPproxyAdd_click" CssClass="awButtons" /> <span class="or">OR</span> <ww:wwWebButton runat="server" ID="btnSubmit" Text="Proceed to Checkout" Click="btnSubmit_click" CssClass="awButtons red" /></p>
      <%ENDIF %>

      On quickregister, you can just uncomment this line to hide the button:
      // $("#proxyForm").hide();
1.1.001, 7/25/2017
    Added a feature to check the QP version by adding a, about parameter to the URL: http://[your url]/wconnect/ace/quickpick.awp?about
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