ACEweb 4.0.056 Released

For customers who are using a SQL Server database with ACEweb.

ACEweb 4.0.056 Released

Postby Jason » Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:33 am

Please make sure you make a FULL backup of your inetpub\aceweb and inetpub\wwwroot\wconnect folders and their contents!

You MUST upgrade Student Manager to build 8.0.070 before applying this ACEweb update!

This ACEweb update requires new dll files to be put in place (included) - be sure to follow the update instructions!


    Support for Google recaptcha v2 on form submission pages: person.awp, teaching.awp courseproposal.awp

    Enhanced handling of SSO logins during the registration process

    Waitlist return link - allows customers to specify the link that users will be directed to after being shown a wait listing dialog.

    Expanding Gradebook access for online courses

    Extended ACEweb support for more SM functions in online certificates/reports

    Enhanced status messages when making payments from SM

    Enhanced activation and cleanup of process logging (used for specific troubleshooting)


    Improved authentication checking for instructor access/gradebook routines

    Removed a hardcoded outdated reference to a javascript repository

    Fixed an issue with extra instructors showing in advanced search when filtered by the GroupList ini setting

    Fixed a bug where you could not add courses whose requisites were on the cart, per the CatLinkStatus ini setting

    Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a loop trying to add a course with a membership requisite to your cart

    An issue with accessing the Web Connection page from the Admin page has been resolved

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