ACEweb 4.0.043 Released

For customers who are using a SQL Server database with ACEweb.

ACEweb 4.0.043 Released

Postby Jason » Tue May 30, 2017 12:26 pm

Bugs fixed

    Fixed an issue with having a grouping code that is comprised of text that is also within another grouping code, causing courses and some functions to duplicate in certain group listing pages.

    Adjusted how ACEweb records and tracks Interest codes for use with the ShoUpCls (show upcoming classes) function

    Fixed a waitlsiting issue where a user that was not logged on first was not able to add themselves to a waitlist, and would get the proxy waitlist option instead

    Fixed a waitlisting issue where emails were being sent to the first record in the system in the case of proxy waitlisting

New features
    Added support for the BlueFin payment service
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