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ACEweb 4.0.035 Released

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:33 am
by Cheryl

  • ACEweb 4.0.033 and newer require updated DLLs, included in the update zip.
  • .026 may require reregistering the ACEweb server. If you update ACEweb and get a 'BSTRToString Failed on Response. Err code = ffffffff:' message when loading an ACEweb page (e.g. showgroups.awp), please see the of the "BSTRToString Failed on Response. Err code = ffffffff:" section of the Troubleshooting General ACEweb Errors help topic to resolve the error.

This release includes these new features/bug fixes:

Updated the term fee module to use the ##-AsyncInfo-## section when sending the email confirmation.

Added support for cloing NameUDFs fields to the person and proxyreg pages. Requires updated person_page.prg and proxyreg_page.prg templates, included in the update zip.

Updated the Nicedate function to show year designation for beginning and ending dates on courses that span multiple years.

Fixed a bug in the Express Registration routine that would assign different IDs to the name and registration records.