ACEweb 4.0.034 Released

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ACEweb 4.0.034 Released

Postby Cheryl » Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:33 pm

IMPORTANT: ACEweb 4.0.033 and newer require updated DLLs, included in the update zip.

This release includes these new features/bug fixes:

Updated the tCard cursor, used to display enrollment cart entries on screen and in confirmation emails, to include the course Print on Rpt? field.

Updated the Course Packaging feature to skip mandatory fee assessment on child courses by default, for Package 1 and Package 2 types. The default behavior can be overridden by adding EMFPKG (Enforce Mandatory Fees on Packages) to the AltSettings INI setting. Contact your ACEware technician for more information.

Also note: mandatory fees on parent courses (pacakge1 or package2 type) will be handled per the EnforceMandFees INI setting.

Added the AlternateURL INI setting where you can specify one or more URLs that are allowed to originate registration submissions.

Fixed a bug in the Gradebook feature that was letting instructors edit hours when the course Web Grade Book Access Level was set to 2 (only allow viewing of course roster).

Fixed a bug that was generating a "Property HTMLHEADER is not found" error when selecting Server Hit Log, Show Server Error Log, and Clear the Log to Today's Date options on the admin.asp page.
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