ACEweb 4.0.031 Released

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ACEweb 4.0.031 Released

Postby Cheryl » Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:48 am

ACEweb 4.0.030 includes significant changes in the underlying framework. Those changes require updated support files and data structures. If you are updating from ACEweb 4.0.029 or earlier, please review the ACEweb 4.0.030 forum topic.

This release includes these new features/bug fixes:

New PSHandlerLag INI setting. For use with Payment Services with the Silent Post option enabled. Time in seconds that the PayServiceHandler routine should wait for the notification that indicates that PayServicePosting (used by Silent Post option) has been completed.

New ShowEscrow() function to display an Escrow Credit message for the logged on user. The function can be added to the XWelcome.htm and XEnrollcard.htm templates. It can also be added to proxyreg.awp to display the Escrow Credit message for proxy registrant.

New Catalog Thumbnail option to show brief thumbnail description and a button to show/hide full description. Requires an update to the Xcoursestatus.htm template.

New AW Bill Amount option to allow a logged on user to be invoiced for a transaction up to the amount set in the AW Bill Amount field--even if the course ACEweb Publish Property is not set to an Allow Billing option.

New Coupon Limits option - a special-use option that restricts how many times the coupon can be used on registrations. Requires set up in Module > Codes > FEES: Coupon Use Limits, and seting the new CouponLimits INI setting to ON. Note: cannot be used with other coupon options in ACEweb.

Added the ability to use Credential fields on Supplemental Data Capture templates.

Added an option to expire all early bird fees the 1st time the ShowSchedule page is hit for the day. Requires adding an EarlyBirdExpire.ini file to your Student Manager folder.

Added an option to the BOGO module to apply a discount to all courses added after the requirement is met. For example, buy 1 at regular price get 10% off the rest. Requires updated bonusdeal templates, changes to BonusDeal INI and a different fee setup. Contact your ACEware technician for more information.

ACEweb now enters the Course account number into the Pay account field.

Updated the Pay Balances/Invoices Online options to disallow adding the course or invoice to the Cart multiple times. Requires updated accountstatus and invoicestatus files, included in update zips.

Updated ACEweb to reset the registration Add Date and Time when a registration record is recycled (e.g. if the first credit card charge attempt was declined and the user tries again).

ACEweb now supports the new Student Manager 8.0 Archive option. To show archived courses in the Completed Courses list (registration history), add ATABLE: to the ArchivePath INI setting.

Updated the Advanced Search routine to show user friendly titles on the Search Results page.

Fixed a bug in the Term Fee module that was not removing the Term Fee from the Cart if the logged on user removed a proxy registration from the Cart.

Fixed a bug in the Search.awp srchhandler routine that would generate a catalog.dbf not found error if searching by description.

Fixed a bug in the Proxy routine that would not respect course prerequisites.

Fixed a bug in the Advanced Search routine when searching by group, that caused it to return all courses and not just ones in the selected group.
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