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Faculty Preferences

Student Manager allows you to remove unused fields from the Faculty screen and determine Faculty module behavior.  To access Faculty Preferences, click the Preferences button on the Main Toolbar or select Edit > Preferences, then select the Faculty tab.  

Enable/Disable Fields

If you don't intend to use a field(s), uncheck the box to the left of the field name.  Disabling fields you don't use allows you to increase data entry productivity (e.g. data entry personnel won't need to tab through the field(s) in which they don't enter data to get to the ones they do).  

Faculty Module Behavior

  • Check Instructor Schedule Conflict(Faculty Manager users) - enables a check for schedule conflicts when you assign an instructor to a course.
  • Clone Instructors (Cloning) - if checked, clones instructors teaching when cloning the course record.
  • Clone Instructor Pay Note (Cloning) - if checked, clones instructor Pay Notes when cloning the course record.
  • Email Instructor(s) when Course Min is Met - if checked, the system will email the instructor(s) when the course enrollment has met the minimum.
  • Enable Callback System - if checked, you can set Callbacks for the instructor.
  • Encrypt Faculty ID Field - enable encryption of the Faculty ID field.
  • Expense Class for Teacher Pay (Pocket Ledger users) - set the default Expense Classification code for Faculty Pay records entered into Student Manager.
  • Default Instructor Pay Date - determine the default date for an instructor to be paid.
  • Label Instruction Evaluation Fields (viewed on Course > Instructor tab).
  • Label the Resume, Reference, and Code fields.
  • Use Instructor Evaluation Fields - if checked, evaluation fields appear on the Course Instructor tab.  You can also set labels for each field.
  • Warn on Updating Instructor Details when Core Course Data Changes - if enabled, a message will pop up asking if you also want to update the Instructor Venue information when you change course information such as title, begin date, time, hours, and location.


You can enable the Benefits option to add a Pocket Ledger record for Instructor Benefits that are paid when you post the Instructor Pay record to Pocket Ledger. For example, amount paid for instructor's income tax, FICA, etc.

To enable the option:

  1. Check the Enable Benefits Posting to Ledger box.
  2. Select the Ledger Class to be assigned to the Benefits record.
  3. Enter the description to be used for the Benefits record in the Benefits Description field.
  4. Select a Vendor, if desired.
  5. Enter the percentage of the Total Pay in the Benefit Percentage field. The system will use this to calculate the Benefit amount.


When you click the Post to Ledger button on the course Instructor tab, the system calculates 16% of Total Pay amount:

It adds a Pocket Ledger record for the Instructor pay, and a second Pocket Ledger record with the Class and Description you entered and 16% of the $800.00 total pay:


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