Send SMS to Class

To send SMS text messages to class participants:

  1. Open the Course record.
  2. Click on the Quick Reports button to open the Quick Report window.
  3. Click the Send SMS to Class button.  
  4. The system will ask you if you want to send to ALL registrants or only certain registrants.   

If you select All, the system will continue to step 5.

If you select Date, you will be asked to enter a date.  Only individuals who have registered ON/or AFTER the date you enter will be included in the email (e.g. registrants who have been added since 09/01/2004).

If you select Select, the system will display the list of registrants for you to select recipients.

  1. The SMS window opens. Enter a subject that will be used for the CRM record, and the message text. Or click the Load Template button to use an SMS template.

  1. Click the Send button.

Text messages will be sent to all selected registrants who have a cell phone and have opted into receiving text messages.


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