Sending Text Messages (SMS)

Send text messages from Student Manager to Names in your database. Text messages are sent using the Twilio API.

SMS Requirements

  • You must have Student Manager version 8.0.014 or later.
  • You must have an account with Twilio.
  • Your clientele must have a cell phone entered on their name record.
  • *Your clientele must opt in to receive SMS messages (i.e. the Opt In box next to Cell Phone field must be checked on their Name record).

Installing SMS Module

When you set up your Twilio account you will be given a phone number, account SID and authentication token. Once you have that information, contact your ACEware technician for further installation instructions.

Sending SMS Text Messages

Send SMS to Class

Send SMS Student Reminders

Send Emergency SMS

Send SMS to Person

Send SMS to Faculty

Send SMS to Names in a Report

SMS Templates


*For more information, see the FCC Guidelines on Text and Email Messages