Transferring Payments

You can transfer a single payment to another registration or to Escrow.  To do so:  

  1. Open the individual’s registration record.

***Important*** If the registration is grouped with others, you must ungroup the registration BEFORE you proceed.  

  1. Click the Payments button to open the Payments screen.
  2. Click the Transfer Payment (Escrow) button to start the Transfer Payment Wizard.  
  3. Select the appropriate Transfer option. Note:  if you are transferring a partial payment amount, you must also enter the amount to be transferred:

  1. Click the Process button.  
  2. If you are transferring the payment to another registration, you must select the appropriate registration from the list. If you are transferring to Escrow, this step will be skipped.
  3. You will be asked to confirm the procedure. Click the OK button to complete the transfer.

  1. Click the OK/Close button to save your change and exit the screen.


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